Fees & Plans

Here is the price breakdown of our treatments. Please note these can change depending on the case.

Fees correct as of 9th May 2019.

Check Up Examination from £45.00
Small X-Ray   £20.00 each
Scale and Polish from £65.00
Tooth Whitening (Home kit)   £350.00
Whitening (In-Surgery)   £450.00
Premium Tooth Whitening (EVOLUTION 3)   £600.00
Periodontal Treatment from £180.00
Fillings Tooth Coloured (Front Teeth) from £90.00
Fillings Tooth Coloured (Back Teeth) from £150.00
Root Canal (Per canal) from £180.00
Porcelain Fused to Metal from £450.00
All Porcelain (High Aesthetic - Back Teeth) from £600.00
All Porcelain (High Aesthetic - Front Teeth) from £750.00
Zirconia (Per Unit) from £750.00
Bridges (Per unit) from £550.00
Acrylic from £450.00
Flexible Dentures from £650.00
Chrome Cobalt  from £750.00
Implant from £850.00
Implant Crown from £850.00
Bone Grafting from £300.00
Orthodontic Appliances
Inman Aligners  from  £1,500.00
Permanent Retainer from £390.00
Invisilign from £2500.00
Six Months Smile from £1500.00

All treatment will be discussed and formulated after your initial consultation visit and a treatment plan offered. Once this has been agreed and we obtain your full consent, the treatment may be started.

Beauty Services | Non-Surgical Face Lifts | Botox
Forehead lines,Glabella, Crow's feet    
1 area   £195.00
2 areas   £250.00
3 areas   £350.00
Facial Line Smoothening - Restylane, Perlane

Oral Commissures / Marionette Lines (lines on either side of the mouth)

Nasal-labial folds (lines from nose to mouth) Frown lines (between the eyes)
Chest lines, Eye line

One syringe   £350.00
2nd syringe   £250.00
Restylane 0.5ml   £200.00
Restylane 1.0ml   £350.00
Perlane 1.0ml   £320.00
Chrysalis Finance

We offer finance through Chrysalis finance, subject to status.

The Hyde Park Dental Centre Ltd (FRN: 695235) is an Appointed Representative of Chrysalis Finance Limited which is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority to carry out the regulated activity of credit broking.

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