Are You Planning a New Smile for the New Year? Your Cosmetic Dentist in Bayswater Can Help

If you’re considering having a new smile sometime next year then it’s never too early to plan, especially if you think you might need a number of different treatments. This is especially important if you’re planning a smile makeover in preparation for a special event. Leaving lots of time will ensure you get the results you really want, especially as some treatments such as dental implants can take quite a lot of planning and will need sufficient time to heal.Cosmetic Dentist Bayswater

The first step is to think about how you’d like to improve your smile, and which aspects of your teeth you’re really unhappy with. Most people will want whiter teeth and this is something that can usually be easily achieved through having teeth whitening treatments. Hyde Park Dental Clinic can whiten your teeth in our surgery in just an hour, or you can choose to whiten at home using custom-made trays that we’ll supply you with. Some people like to use both treatments in conjunction with each other to achieve the very best results, and this is something our cosmetic dentist in Bayswater can advise you about.

If some of your teeth are slightly out of alignment and then you can consider straightening them through having porcelain veneers, a treatment that can be completed in just a few weeks. However it might also be worth your while looking at different teeth straightening options. Modern orthodontics doesn’t necessarily mean wearing braces for months on end as some of the more cosmetically oriented braces can straighten your teeth within just a few months. This is worth considering as it’s a healthy option for your teeth. This is because it will help to lessen the need for dental veneers, or could mean that you don’t need them at all. Even though dental veneers are great and are relatively conservative, your cosmetic dentist in Bayswater will still need to remove a tiny amount of tooth material and you’ll always need to have these teeth veneered.

If you have any old crowns or bridges they could be nearing the end of their natural life. It’s important to get these types of restorations renewed at regular intervals to ensure they don’t leak or crumble at the margins which would allow bacteria to enter the tooth, greatly increasing the risk of infection and decay. Most dental restorations will last at least 10 years if properly cared for, so if yours are nearing this age then you might well benefit from replacing them. Over the past few years modern dentistry has moved on considerably, and the latest ceramic materials are far more lifelike than ever before, and are absolutely great for makeovers.

Some of these treatments can be completed relatively quickly, while others may take several months to complete. Planning a smile makeover when in advance will give you the time to carefully consider all the options available, and will enable your cosmetic dentist in Bayswater to plan allow sufficient time for each treatment to be completed.