Will You Choose Six Month Smiles in Bayswater, or the Inman Aligner?

Hyde Park Dental Clinic offers both of these orthodontic treatments and both have their merits. Six Month Smiles in Bayswater is very popular as it is a short-term orthodontic treatment using a fixed dental brace. As you might’ve guessed, treatment is usually completed within just six months, and even though the braces are fixed in place they are virtually invisible as they use clear brackets and wires that are designed to blend in with your natural tooth colour. One of the great things about using a fixed orthodontic appliance is that it will be working all the time to help correct your teeth, and fixed orthodontics can often provide the most predictable results in the most conservative way possible. This innovative system uses patient tray kits, so when you come to have your braces fitted, your appointment will be fast and you’ll find the process is quick and comfortable. Another great thing about Six Month Smiles in Bayswater is that it is extremely affordable due to the sheer speed of treatment. So how does this compare to the Inman Aligner?

Cosmetic Dentist Hyde ParkWhile Six Month Smiles is a fixed brace, the Inman Aligner in Bayswater is a removable appliance that can deliver results just as quickly. This uses a system of two opposable metal bows that are powered by nickel titanium springs. One metal bow will be fitted across the front of the teeth, while the other will be positioned just behind your teeth. The forces created by each of them oppose each other, and this enables quite a large range of movement even though the forces used are extremely gentle.

The system is designed to squeeze the teeth into the correct position. The Inman Aligner does have limited use as it concentrates on moving the front teeth only, and is something that may be recommended as either a standalone treatment, or possibly prior to using other treatments such as dental veneers or dental bonding. Using the Inman Aligner to help straighten the teeth prior to other treatments will help minimise the amount of tooth preparation required. This treatment can often be completed within just a few months.

Both Six Month Smiles in Bayswater and the Inman Aligner can be regarded as being cosmetic braces systems, so they are unlikely to have much of an effect on your overall oral health. Where they can be extremely useful is in helping to correct minor orthodontic issues in a very short space of time. It’s worth considering either of these treatments even if you subsequently need to have one or two veneers fitted afterwards. There are subtle differences between the two systems that will enable your dentist in Bayswater to choose the best option for you. This is something they can do after fully assessing your bite and identifying your orthodontic problems.

One thing to remember about all orthodontic treatment is that it will be necessary to wear some sort of retainer afterwards. This helps to prevent the teeth from moving back into their original positions. A retainer can be fixed or removable, depending on which you’ll find most convenient to use.

Dental Veneers Versus Six Month Smiles in Bayswater

If some of your front teeth are out of alignment then you’re probably interested in learning more about how to straighten them. There are a couple of ways of doing so, and one is to have some veneers, while the other is to undergo orthodontic treatment. But which is best?

Dental VeneersIt probably all depends on the degree of misalignment, and is something that your dentist in can advise you about. Six Month Smiles in Bayswater is ideal for minimising gaps in between teeth, and for straightening up teeth that are slightly crooked. Treatment can often be completed in just a few months, and as the braces are fixed in position, they’ll be working to correct your teeth twenty four hours a day. These braces are especially designed to be discreet and easy to wear, and any adjustments during treatment can quickly be made by our dentist in Bayswater. One of the great things about wearing braces is that it can often mean teeth will be moved without requiring any sort of adjustment to the actual tooth structure. This is something you’ll find your dentist is very keen on accomplishing, as no dentist likes to remove healthy tooth material unless the treatment really needs it.

If you really don’t want to wear braces then an alternative option would be to have dental veneers in Bayswater. These do require the removal of a very small amount of tooth material, although sometimes it may not be necessary to remove any tooth structure, depending on the position of the tooth. For example, if the tooth is inverted inwards in the arch, then a dental veneer can be used to bring it out into line, but if a tooth is slightly rotated, then it will probably be necessary to remove some tooth structure to make room for the veneer as otherwise it could end up too bulky and would look false.

Veneers can look fantastic, but once you have them then you’ll always need to maintain and replace them when required. With proper care your veneers could last up to ten years or even longer, but you cannot just have them removed and leave the prepared tooth surface exposed. Once the protective layer of tooth enamel is removed, your teeth do become more susceptible to tooth decay as the dentine layer underneath is much softer.

Using Both Treatments To Help Perfect Your Smile

One option that could help to produce the very best results would be to use both Six Month Smiles in Bayswater with dental veneers. Once your teeth have been straightened, you can correct any small anomalies that might remain, or can cover up any teeth that are misshapen or stained. This will give you a beautifully straight smile whilst ensuring the minimum amount of tooth structure is removed.

Everyone’s mouth is different, and the best way to find out which treatment will be best for you, or if it is even necessary to think about using both treatments in conjunction with each other, is to visit your dentist. They will only recommend Six Month Smiles in Bayswater if they think it will help give you the results you are looking for.

Don’t Want to Wear a Brace for Months on End? Ask us About Six Month Smiles in Bayswater

A lot of adults have teeth that are slightly crooked, and with today’s emphasis on having a perfectly straight smile, more people are looking for orthodontic treatment. This is perfectly understandable as a nice straight smile gives the appearance of having healthy teeth that are well cared for. In spite of this most adults do not want to wear braces for months or even years on end. This is why cosmetic orthodontic systems have been developed, and the Hyde Park Dental Clinic is able to offer patients something called Six Month Smiles. This is an orthodontic system especially developed to treat the teeth that are visible when smiling, normally the front six to eight teeth. The average treatment time is typically six months or less, and the braces are designed to be virtually invisible.Hyde Park Dental Clinic

This particular system uses clear brackets that are bonded onto the teeth combined with tooth coloured wires that blend in with the natural colour of your teeth. The whole orthodontic system is designed so your cosmetic dentist in Bayswater can fit the braces accurately and quickly so there’s no need to spend hours on end in our dental surgery. Six Month Smiles has been developed to use low forces to move your teeth comfortably and safely, and because treatment is completed within six months it’s typically less expensive than other more traditional orthodontic braces.

Will Six Month Smiles in Bayswater Work For You?

If you have one or two teeth that are sticking out or which are rotated or if some of your front teeth look slightly overcrowded then Six Month Smiles in Bayswater might work well for you. It’s not designed to treat problems with the way your teeth occlude or bite together, and it cannot treat any major orthodontic problems. The best thing to do, if you’re interested in this system is to book an appointment with your dentist at the Hyde Park Dental Clinic to find out if you’re suitable. You need to have a full assessment so your dentist can see exactly how your teeth bite together and to discuss the type of orthodontic issues you’d like to correct. Your dentist will only recommend Six Month Smiles in Bayswater if they think it is right for you. Some people may be reluctant to wear a fixed brace, but it is worth remembering that it will be working constantly to move the teeth, helping to ensure treatment is as fast as possible.

Great for Correcting Teeth That Have Moved After Orthodontic Treatment

This treatment might also be ideal for people who have previously worn braces as children but who have failed to wear a retainer afterwards. This can cause something called orthodontic relapse which is where some of the teeth begin to move to their original positions. It’s worth remembering that all orthodontic treatment requires the use of a retainer afterwards. This can be removable or bonded firmly into position on the back surfaces of your teeth and will help prevent them from moving back into their original positions.